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M3 provides various Internet-based services for members of the general public who have an interest or concern regarding health, illness or medical treatment.


Why Worry Yourself, When You Can Ask DoctorsAskDoctors is a Q&A site where you can freely consult the doctors of through the Internet regarding your own health, or that of a family member. Over 1,000 doctors who are currently in practice draw on their rich experience and expert knowledge to promptly and appropriately respond to your illness and health concerns. AskDoctors also has an archive of several million past questions and answers where your question may already be answered. Your privacy is assured as your name is withheld.
In total there are 27 categories of illnesses which are covered, including colds/influenza, allergies/hayfever, tumors/cancer, mental health/depression, etc. In addition there are encyclopedias for illnesses and medicines, and it is possible to look up medicines and search for hospitals throughout Japan.

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or from the official menu on docomo, au and Softbank


Your guide to authoritative health information evaluated by doctorsIchie websites provide comprehensive information that a patient may need regarding a specific disease, from ?pathogenesis to diagnostic choices, understanding the test results to treatment options and quality of life thereafter.

Current offerings include "Ichie Breast Cancer," which offers insight and solutions from Breast Cancer specialists as well as from fellow members with similar questions and concerns. "Ichie Menopause" also offers insight and solutions from doctors to your questions and concerns surrounding Menopause.

iTicket Plus

A reservation system for clinics through mobile phones and the Internet.Do you go to your usual doctor's clinic early to put in your patient registration card or wait in line? iTicket plus is a clinic reservation system that reduces the burden on patients. You can confirm the current calling number, the number of people waiting and approximate waiting time by mobile phone or from a PC. iTicket helps you avoid wasting time sitting in a crowded waiting room.

* iTicket plus is provided by iTicket Corporation

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