Marketing support services aimed at healthcare professionals

M3 provides various services for medical-related businesses, with a focus on pharmaceutical companies, to support marketing communications and promotions aimed at physicians and other healthcare professionals.

MR-kunMR-kun is an integrated solution which enables consistent, repeated delivery of pharmaceutical product and disease information to busy doctors. Online contents which appropriately reflect the marketing strategy of individual products are directly delivered to targeted doctors. In a survey of doctors who viewed MR-kun site contents, 92% responded that it "deepened their knowledge of diseases", and 94% responded that they were "satisfied with the content", and MR-kun's efficacy in delivering each product's key message can been seen directly reflected in prescription and sales growth. Not limited to just a one-way broadcast of information, MR-kun also provides a channel to receive questions and feedback from doctors, enabling mutual communication to strengthen relations between companies and doctors.

m3MTm3MT provides support for product promotions and advertising using channels such as banner advertisements, email, and rich media content, leveraging the reach of ? Japan's largest site dedicated to healthcare professionals. We provide comprehensive support, from analysis of marketing needs and media planning for the target product, to planning and creation of content.

Overseas MarketingTo market to healthcare professionals in America, companies can advertise by using M3 Messages (US version of MR-kun) and banner advertisements on MDLinx, a medical information site.

To market to healthcare professionals in South Korea, companies can advertise by using Visits (Korean version of MR-kun) and banner advertisements on MEDI:GATE.

Large-scale Clinical Trial Service

CapTool Supports the Dissemination of Evidence-Based MedicineLarge-scale clinical studies of pharmaceutical products requires different skills and know-how to those required for pre-approval clinical trials. We offer comprehensive support, centered on the CapTool Prime System, which enables collection of highquality data by using the Internet, for large-scale clinical trials by academics and pharmaceutical companies. We support the generation of evidence regarding the efficacy and safety of pharmaceutical products and treatment methods.
* Large-scale clinical trial services are provided by Mebix, Inc.

Clinical Trial Support Service

Chiken-kunWe totally support pharmaceutical companies throughout a clinical trial. Through our web survey arranged for each project, doctors give us useful information such as number of patients and intentions to join the trial. We visit the highly motivated doctor immediately after the survey to confirm the potential of the site, and will promote efficient enrollment. In various trials, "Chiken-kun" gives beneficial effects on precise project planning, project acceleration and patient enrollment in rare disease.

Market research targeted at healthcare professionals

We provide various survey services to pharmaceutical and other medical-related businesses, using our panel of doctors and other healthcare professionals.

Market Research In JapanSurvey our panel of doctors, pharmacists, nurses, and other healthcare professionals on, the largest site of its kind in Japan. Surveys can be precisely targeted to a particular profile, and survey responses can be collected amazingly fast as the surveys are conducted via the Internet. In addition to carrying out custom-made surveys tailored to our clients' needs, we also sell predesigned survey products, concerning topics such as prescription of pharmaceutical products.

Market Research Outside of JapanWith physician panels in the USA through MDLinx, South Korea with MEDI:GATE, and affiliated doctor panels in Europe and China, we provide a unique one-stop service for global surveys. Our combined physician panel is the world's largest, officially verified by the MRA (Marketing Research Association).

Doctor and Pharmacist Recruiting Support

M3 provides an online job search and career information site for member doctors and pharmacists. Job advertisements may be posted by hospitals and other medical institutions, as well as pharmaceutical companies, pharmacies and other companies. We also have a job placement service to introduce doctors and pharmacists who meet job criteria.

Positions may also be advertised on our site by recruiters interested in reaching our doctors and pharmacist members. Our site enables career consultants to efficiently contact doctors and pharmacists online in response to their job preferences and part-time work needs. Through our online channel, we dramatically increase the accessible pool of job seekers.

Marketing Support Services for Medical Solution Providers ClinicWe provide an channel for companies to promote their products and services to doctors who are in private practice or are considering establishing their own practice. Our site provides physician members with information and advice about setting up and managing their practice, including relevant product and service information, allowing doctors to request brochures and sign up for seminars. Through Clinic, medical solution providers can accurately reach doctors who are considering establishing a private practice, and doctors already in private practice with purchasing needs. Our solution providers help doctors find appropriate offices to open clinics, provide consulting support services, medical equipment and electronic medical charts, and give advice concerning accounting, tax, insurance, attracting patients and management.

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